General Sequencing

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Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

We recognize that each patient is unique and therefore we treat each patient with the personalized care they expect and deserve. We will create a customized treatment plan tailored to meet your individual needs and desires so you will achieve results that you will be proud to smile about.

Coordination During Orthodontic Treatment

Our multiple interdisciplinary approach to your orthodontic treatment allows us to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive oral healthcare possible. We work in conjunction with a number of other dentists and dental specialists to ensure you receive the standard of care you expect and deserve. Our goal is to keep your teeth, gums and jaws beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.

Restorative Set-Up Evaluation

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Timing For Implant Placement

Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function like your own natural teeth. They are the ideal solution for replacing one, several or all of your missing teeth. The implant placement process occurs in stages to allow for proper healing and optimum results. Depending on your specific case, there can be two or three stages to your dental implant process.

A screw-like implant is first surgically implanted into your jaw and over the next two to six months it is allowed to bond to the bone allowing for a strong anchor for your artificial tooth. During this bonding period, a temporary tooth can be worn over the implant site.

After the bonding period is complete, an extension is attached to the implant, called an abutment. This small metal post completes the foundation for the artificial tooth to be placed. Another couple of weeks will be allowed for your gums to heal. In some instances, this second step isn’t required if an extension piece was attached during the implantation phase.

The final stage is when a custom crown is created and attached to the abutment. Within a short period of time, you will be able to confidently smile, chew and talk as you did before.

Depending on the number and location of dental implants being made will determine the length of treatment. Generally, the entire process can take anywhere from three to six months. If other treatments are needed like bone grafting, it could take up to an entire year.